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At Catholic Institutions, Tradition Propels a Commitment to Social Justice

by Lois Elfman | May 26, 2019 Catholic colleges and universities have long promoted principles of social justice, inclusion, Read more

At 63, Descendant of Slaves is Helping Georgetown Reconcile its Past

| November 14, 2017
Melisande Short-Colomb took up Georgetown’s offer to begin a complicated process of reconcili [...] Read more

DePaul University Names 1st Lay President in 119-year History

by Associated Press | February 16, 2017
CHICAGO — DePaul University has named its first lay president in the Chicago school’s 119-y [...] Read more

Diverse Conversations: What Professor Esolen Gets Right About Diversity

by Matthew Lynch | November 22, 2016
History professor Anthony Esolen recently came under fire when he penned an article for Crisis [...] Read more