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Report Proposes Recommendations to Assist Adult Students

by | December 5, 2018 In an effort to close the degree attainment gap among adults aged 25-64 in California, the orga Read more

Report Highlights Why Minority Adults in California Leave College Before Earning Degree

by | October 11, 2018
Four million, or five percent of adults living in California aged 25-64 have left the state’s [...] Read more

Lumina Foundation to Award $2.5 Million in Grants for “Addressing Hate”

by | December 5, 2017
Violence and racial chaos in Charlottesville earlier this year sparked a call to action for one [...] Read more

Two Higher Education Goals Deferred

by Daniel Blake | October 18, 2017
An expert notes that some higher education goals have seemingly arbitrary timelines and are ina [...] Read more

Black Male Achievers Need Support, Too

by | October 5, 2017
For all the troublesome statistics that we hear about how young Black men are not faring that w [...] Read more

Efforts to Reduce College Costs May Have Little Impact on Degree Attainment

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim | August 29, 2017
Increased spending at colleges and universities — particularly mid-tier public institutions [...] Read more

Researchers Look to Census Data for Keys to Improving Educational Outcomes

by Monica Levitan | June 25, 2017
A new report examines racial inequity in education and offers recommendations based off of rese [...] Read more

College Degree Completion and Home Ownership

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim | April 4, 2017
Bachelor’s degree-holders enjoy homeownership more frequently than associate degrees-holders [...] Read more

Report Underscores Racial, Class Disparities in College Degree Attainment

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim | October 27, 2016
The figures the clearinghouse released Thursday reveal a stark reality that frustrates efforts [...] Read more