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The Perfect Victim and the Perfect Judge —The New Challenge to Affirmative Action

by | October 15, 2018 If it feels like we’ve been here before, we have. The use of race in college admissions Read more

IBHE Fall 2018 Enrollment Data Shows Small Decrease

by | October 11, 2018
The Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE) recently released its fall 2018 enrollment data a [...] Read more

Report: Increased Percentage of Male Students in NJ Colleges

by | August 27, 2018
The proportion of men attending colleges and universities in and around New Jersey is vastly in [...] Read more

For Many, HBCU Mergers and Closures Are Not an Option

by Reginald Stuart | August 15, 2018
As colleges and universities celebrate the beginning of another school year filled with promise [...] Read more

Things an HBCU Enrollment Manager Must Know

by Dwight B. Sanchez | July 31, 2018
Through trial and error, and ultimately wisdom, I have learned that to be an effective enrollme [...] Read more

Standardized Tests Now Optional at Indiana School

by | July 30, 2018
Students who want to go to college but don’t perform well on standardized tests – or just h [...] Read more

Benedict College’s Bold Move to Lower Tuition: Ask Us ‘Why Not?’

by Emmanuel Lalande | July 27, 2018
Nearly 150 years after its founding, with a bold approach to student success in the face of soc [...] Read more

HSI Increases Reflect Growing Student Enrollment, Matriculation

by | June 5, 2018
New data analysis about Hispanic Serving Institutions from Excelencia in Education and the Hisp [...] Read more

College-Bound Public High School Grads on the Rise

by Associated Press | May 16, 2018
BATON ROUGE, La. – Louisiana education officials say 23,517 public high school students w [...] Read more

Report: New Mexico Public College Enrollment Dropping Fast

by Associated Press | April 25, 2018
SANTA FE, N.M. – A recent decline in enrollment at New Mexico public colleges outpaced ne [...] Read more

College, University Enrollment Down 5th Straight Year

by Jon Marcus, The Hechinger Report | December 20, 2016
The trend threatens the national goal—already behind schedule—of increasing the proportion [...] Read more