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A Summer Teaching Reflection: Can Black Faculty Afford to Curry Favor with our Students?

by Angela Mae Kupenda | July 2, 2019 During the summer months, I spend time rethinking both my teaching methods and the learning goa Read more

Some Thoughts on Finals, I.M. Pei and Asian American Pacific Islander History Month

by | May 19, 2019
And now to the hardest part of being an adjunct lecturer. Final papers. Final exams. Grading. B [...] Read more

Making Global Conversation More Inclusive by Considering our Different Academic Cultures

by Nara Roberta Silva | April 19, 2019
Internationalization has been one of the main drivers in higher education in the last decade an [...] Read more

Dr. James Williams: Defying Stereotypes

| February 13, 2019
Dr. James Williams strives to make the college classroom experience entertaining as well as edu [...] Read more

The Demands for Diversity Hiring Requires a “Pipeline”

by Armando Bengochea | August 21, 2018
As the summer closes and college campuses across the country come roaring back to life, the dem [...] Read more

Professors Looking to Remain in Academy Longer

by Autumn A. Arnett | June 11, 2015
There is often discussion of moving the retirement age to 70, three years later than the curren [...] Read more