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Better Together: Four Mutually Reinforcing Strategies for Retaining Black Students and Faculty

by Kwadwo Assensoh | June 9, 2021 Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, higher education institutions are doubling down on efforts to retai Read more

Learn How This Woman’s Journey Has Made Her ‘a Pillar of Stanford’s Asian American Community’

by | May 28, 2021
As the child of Chinese immigrants, Cindy Ng wanted to fit in. She wanted to, as Andrew Yang pu [...] Read more

College of Charleston Faculty Members Pen Letter to Defund the Police

by | October 28, 2020
About 46 members of the College of Charleston faculty released a letter asking the city to reth [...] Read more

During the Pandemic, 3 in 5 Students Face Food and Housing Insecurity, a New Study Finds

by | June 15, 2020
It’s no secret that college students are struggling with food, housing and job insecurity dur [...] Read more

Universities Plan Fall Initiatives to Address Systemic Racism and Police Brutality

by | June 12, 2020
As protests continue across the nation after the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and oth [...] Read more

COVID-19 Will Intensify Education Inequities for Black Students

by Bre-Ann Slay | May 20, 2020
In the United States, data reveal that Black Americans are contracting and dying from the novel [...] Read more

Student Parents Face Severe Housing and Food Insecurity, a New Report Finds

by | May 7, 2020
Student parents face severe housing and food insecurity, according to a new report from the Hop [...] Read more

Preserving the Espíritu Guerrero of Our Children During Covid-19

by | April 2, 2020
Like many mother scholars, I am forced to navigate professional responsibilities while consciou [...] Read more

Movidas: Globalizing Strategies for Advancing Racial Equity

by Milagros Castillo-Montoya, Johnny Ramirez, Raquel Wright-Mair, Sylk Sotto, Lucy A. LePeau, and Derrick R. Brooms | March 31, 2020
The academy prioritizes, rewards, and socializes toward individualist work. That is not OUR leg [...] Read more

Medical College of Wisconsin Receives $2M to Help Train Rural Doctors

by | December 10, 2019
The Sentry Insurance Foundation donated $2 million to the Medical College of Wisconsin intendin [...] Read more

Dr. Paul Broadie: A Seasoned Community College Administrator

by | October 23, 2019
Unlike most college presidents, Dr. Paul Broadie II has had the unusual task of balancing his t [...] Read more

Creating an LGBTQ+ Friendly Campus

by Bryan Hamann | October 8, 2019
Although higher education has been lauded for fostering an inclusive environment which facilita [...] Read more

The Mother of All Scams

by Kathryn A. Mariner |
As an anthropologist and social worker studying domestic transracial adoption in Chicago betwee [...] Read more

Positioning Ourselves to Support College Success for Males of Color

by Derrick R. Brooms | July 23, 2018
If we are serious about improving the educational outcomes of males of color throughout the edu [...] Read more

We Regret to Inform You…

by | April 8, 2018
Rejection is all too familiar in academia. We get rejected from fellowships, grants, academic j [...] Read more
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