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Stepping Away from the Brink Part V: The Call to Action for HBCUs

by Lessie Branch, Edward Summers and Adriel A. Hilton | December 5, 2019 It is no secret that, from their inception, HBCUs have filled a series of voids within the Blac Read more

Stepping Away from the Brink – Part IV – The Access and Affordability Challenge

by Edward Summers, Adriel A. Hilton & Lessie Branch | October 12, 2019
The challenges in higher education are clear. By exploring the two key challenges of access and [...] Read more

Stepping Away from the Brink, Part II: Presidential Leadership

by Edward Summers, Adriel Hilton & Lessie Branch | August 1, 2019
Conversations surrounding the state of higher education are increasingly becoming the foci of n [...] Read more

Thomas, Beleaguered WIU President, Resigns

| June 14, 2019
Dr. Jack Thomas, the beleaguered president of Western Illinois University, has resigned, speaki [...] Read more

Divulging into Systematic Oppression

by Adriel A. Hilton | June 13, 2019
An entire month of teachings on systematic oppression have unfolded right before our eyes; many [...] Read more

The Perception of Diversity at HBCUs: Is It Real or Imaginable?

by Marcus A. Chanay and Adriel A. Hilton | February 27, 2019
The landscape of education has changed greatly in the last 10 years. In the wake of soaring col [...] Read more

A Little Advice With a Big Impact for College Students and Graduates

by Marcus A. Chanay and Adriel A. Hilton | September 14, 2018
It’s never too early to start making plans to acquire a job after graduation. For college gra [...] Read more

Research Design Flaws Identified in Study Suggesting That Chief Diversity Officers “Hurt” Diversity

by Luke Wood, Adriel A. Hilton, Raul A. Leon and Deryl K. Hatch-Tocaimaza | September 13, 2018
Last week, numerous media outlets highlighted a working paper submitted to the National Bureau [...] Read more

As Educators at PWIs, Are We Doing Enough for Students of Color?

by Errick D. Farmer and Adriel A. Hilton | October 12, 2017
Researchers reveal it is not uncommon for students of color, particularly African-American stud [...] Read more

Increasing HBCU Retention: It’s the Small Things

by Megan Covington and Adriel A. Hilton | August 28, 2016
Administration may overlook the collection of issues that may lead students to attrition, trans [...] Read more