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Virtual Panel Explores Findings from Community College Student Engagement Report

by | February 3, 2021 Sixty-nine percent of entering students work for pay, while almost one-third work more than 40 Read more

Study: COVID-19 Plus the Recession is Leading to Decreased Enrollment

by Lois Elfman | January 19, 2021
Low-income students are particularly hard hit as people cancel or reduce postsecondary plans. A [...] Read more

Report Examines Competencies Needed to Succeed in Workforce

by | November 20, 2020
A new report from the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce (CEW) pinpoin [...] Read more

Report Examines Biden’s Tuition-Free Public College Plan

by Lois Elfman | October 6, 2020
A new report from the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce measures the [...] Read more

New Study Analyzes Value of Associate Degrees and Certificates

by | January 29, 2020
A new study from the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce found that a s [...] Read more

Is College Worth It? Yes, But Return On Investment Varies, Study Finds

by | November 13, 2019
A new report by the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce titled, “A Fi [...] Read more

Report Shows Economic Gaps and Racial Inequality Persist

by Lois Elfman | October 17, 2019
A new report details the persistent educational and economic disparities between Whites, Africa [...] Read more

Debate Surrounds College Board’s Adversity Score Replacement

by | August 30, 2019
The College Board reversed its controversial decision to give students an adversity score, a nu [...] Read more

Georgetown Study Maps Manufacturing Workforce Changes

| June 26, 2019
Manufacturing in the United States has declined from its heyday decades ago, but it remains a m [...] Read more

Report: An SAT-Only Admissions Process Would Make Colleges Less Diverse

by Pearl Stewart | June 24, 2019
If America’s top 200 colleges admitted applicants based on their SAT scores alone, more than [...] Read more

Education Leaders Laud Some White House HEA Principles

| March 19, 2019
Education leaders reacted positively to some of the principles outlined by the White House as C [...] Read more

Study: Bachelor’s Degree Not Sole Path to ‘Good-Paying’ Job

| October 16, 2018
People who consider a bachelor’s degree the only route to a good-paying job should think agai [...] Read more

Study Outlines Challenges for Low-Income Working Students

| August 28, 2018
Low-income undergraduates who work are less likely than their higher-income counterparts to obt [...] Read more

Georgetown Researchers: Majors Matter in Higher-Ed Decisions

by Pearl Stewart | May 17, 2018
A new report from Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce states that [...] Read more

Report: Women Need Additional Degree to Attain Equal Pay

by | February 27, 2018
Although women have surpassed men in educational attainment, they still earn 81 cents for every [...] Read more