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2021 Emerging Scholars: Dr. Eluterio Blanco, Jr.

by | February 1, 2021 Dr. Eluterio Blanco, Jr. grew up in a Mexican American community in South Texas by the Rio Gran Read more

2021 Emerging Scholars: Dr. Olivia Chilcote

by | January 19, 2021
As a member of the Luiseño, San Luis Rey Band of Mission Indians, Dr. Olivia Chilcote has aime [...] Read more

2021 Emerging Scholars: Dr. Elizabeth Aquino

by Pearl Stewart |
Nurse, professor, scientist and activist all aptly describe Dr. Elizabeth Aquino. As an associa [...] Read more

2020 Emerging Scholars: Dr. Yomaira Figueroa

by | January 28, 2020
Raised in Hoboken, New Jersey, Dr. Yomaira Figueroa is a first-generation high school and colle [...] Read more

2020 Emerging Scholars: Dr. Naomi Lee

by | January 24, 2020
Growing up on the Cattaraugus reservation, Dr. Naomi Lee was used to being surrounded by people [...] Read more

2020 Emerging Scholars: Dr. Donald ‘DJ’ Mitchell Jr.

by |
When it comes to researching issues about diversity, equity and inclusion in higher education, [...] Read more

2020 Emerging Scholars: Dr. Daisy Le

by Lois Elfman | January 23, 2020
George Washington University (GWU) School of Nursing recently released a doctoral program in wh [...] Read more

2020 Emerging Scholars: Dr. Charles H.F. Davis III

by | January 22, 2020
Dr. Charles H. F. Davis III is quickly becoming one of the nation’s most prominent scholars. [...] Read more

Dr. James Williams: Defying Stereotypes

| February 13, 2019
Dr. James Williams strives to make the college classroom experience entertaining as well as edu [...] Read more

Dr. Rumya S. Putcha: A Performance Studies Scholar

by | February 12, 2019
Dr. Rumya S. Putcha’s venture to the professoriate was a “series of happy accidents.” [...] Read more

Dr. Qingxia Li: A Math Wiz

| February 8, 2019
A faculty-written National Science Foundation grant to enhance developmental math learning ende [...] Read more

Dr. Mark Redondo Villegas: A Cultural Scholar

by Lois Elfman | February 7, 2019
Now in his second year as an assistant professor at Franklin & Marshall College, Dr. Mark Redon [...] Read more

Dr. Cynthia V. Flores: Math Mentor

by | February 6, 2019
Growing up in the mostly immigrant community of Pico-Union in Los Angeles, Dr. Cynthia V. Flore [...] Read more

Dr. Gerald Griffin: A High Note in Neuroscience

by Pearl Stewart | February 4, 2019
Dr. Gerald Griffin developed a deep interest in biology as a teenager growing up in Opelika, Al [...] Read more

Dr. Loni Philip Tabb: Making Biostatistics Relevant

by Pearl Stewart | February 1, 2019
Anyone familiar with inner city neighborhoods has probably noticed the number of alcohol-sellin [...] Read more
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