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East Coast Conference Suspends All Intercollegiate Competition During the Fall

| July 20, 2020 The East Coast Conference has decided to suspend all intercollegiate competition during the fal Read more

Eastern Michigan U Guarantees a Single Room for Students in the Fall Semester

| June 11, 2020
In response to parents’ and students’ concerns about safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, E [...] Read more

Decline in Spring College Enrollment Slowed Prior to COVID-19, Says Report

by Lois Elfman | June 8, 2020
Data gathered prior to the impact of COVID-19 shows there was a decrease in postsecondary enrol [...] Read more

Boston U Students Can Choose Remote or In-Person Classes in Fall 2020

by | June 1, 2020
This fall, undergraduate students at Boston University (BU) can choose whether to attend classe [...] Read more

Manchester U to Waive Tuition for Some Indiana Fall 2020 Freshmen

| May 27, 2020
Manchester University will offer four years of free tuition to fall 2020 freshman students from [...] Read more

Many Massachusetts Colleges Uncertain About Robust COVID-19 Testing on Campus

Many Massachusetts colleges are uncertain they will be able to put robust COVID-19 testing mech [...] Read more

Some Colleges Are Already Planning for the Next Wave of COVID-19

by | May 21, 2020
Even as many colleges are still struggling to figure out what the beginning of the new academic [...] Read more

U of California Anticipates Most Campuses Will Operate in Hybrid Mode for Fall 2020

University of California (UC) president Janet Napolitano said on Wednesday that “every campus [...] Read more

California Community Colleges May Also Stay Online in Fall 2020

| May 19, 2020
California’s 115 community colleges may stay online this coming fall because of the COVID-19 [...] Read more

Harvard Med School: Remote Instruction Only for Fall 2020’s Entering Classes

| May 14, 2020
Harvard Medical School has decided that there will be remote instruction only for the entering [...] Read more

Poll: 65% of Students Would Attend In-Person Classes Even Without Vaccine

A majority of students would attend in-person classes if colleges and universities reopened as [...] Read more

Sen. Lamar Alexander: “I Would Be Planning on Going Back to School” in the Fall

Senate Republican Lamar Alexander said that if he were president of a university today, he “w [...] Read more

HBCU Morgan State Plans Fall With ‘Student Choice’ Course Delivery

| May 13, 2020
Historically Black Morgan State University is planning to reopen for fall 2020 with what it cal [...] Read more

California State University System’s Fall 2020 Will Be Mainly Online

| May 12, 2020
The California State University system’s classes will be mainly online this coming fall, repo [...] Read more

Senator Lamar Alexander: Not Enough COVID-19 Testing to Open Campuses

| May 11, 2020
Senate Republican Lamar Alexander said on Sunday that while the country’s COVID-19 testing le [...] Read more
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