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Hillary Clinton Named Chancellor of Queen’s University at Belfast

by | January 2, 2020 Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was named chancellor of Queen’s University at Read more

Whitewashing Impeachment and 2020: Don’t Forget Who Got Us Here

by Micaela di Leonardo | November 8, 2019
Like the majority of Americans facing the new impeachment inquiry landscape, I am both jubilant [...] Read more

Celebrating #NastyWomen of Color

by | November 12, 2018
I walked a mile from campus to a church where my local polling place to vote was, like many Uni [...] Read more

Shalala Wins Democratic Nomination for Florida House Seat

| August 29, 2018
Dr. Donna E. Shalala, a former university administrator and President Clinton’s cabinet s [...] Read more

Stacey Abrams Could Become Nation’s First Black Female Governor

by Walter Hudson | May 23, 2018
Stacey Abrams, the 44-year-old Spelman graduate, shocked the political establishment when she b [...] Read more

Hillary Clinton to Receive Prestigious Harvard Medal

by Associated Press | May 21, 2018
CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Hillary Clinton is being honored with a medal during Harvard University’ [...] Read more

More Colleges Host Women as Grad Speakers

by Associated Press | May 10, 2018
This graduation season, the podium is all hers. For the first time in at least two decades, the [...] Read more

Amid #MeToo, More Colleges Host Women As Graduation Speakers

by Associated Press | May 9, 2018
This graduation season, the podium is all hers. For the first time in at least two decades, the [...] Read more

Hillary Clinton to Speak at Yale University’s Class Day

by Associated Press | February 27, 2018
Class Day is an annual event at the New Haven, Conn., university that honors achievements in ac [...] Read more

New Hillary Clinton-based Course Examines Cultural Perceptions of Women

by Lydia Lum | December 27, 2016
A new course at Kent State examines cultural perceptions — and misperceptions — about all w [...] Read more

Despite Claims, Iowa State Professor does not run Focus Groups

by Ryan J. Foley, Associated Press | December 18, 2016
A prominent Iowa political scientist who goes by the nickname “Dr. Politics” has routinely [...] Read more

The 2016 Presidential Election — Postscript

by | November 14, 2016
For some people, November 8, 2016 is one of the greatest days in American history. Others may v [...] Read more

Diverse Conversations: Colleges’ Post-election Diversity Responsibilities

by Matthew Lynch |
The nation’s youngest adults are not all enlightened when it comes to diversity and equality. [...] Read more

Guillermo: Diversity Vote not Enough as Trump Triumphs

by Emil Guillermo | November 9, 2016
Republicans vowed 2016 would be different, at least when it comes to diversity. [...] Read more

Higher Ed Experts: College Affordability Might not be Election Winner

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim | November 7, 2016
Much of the next administration’s approach will be reflected in who gets appointed to lead fe [...] Read more
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