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Howard University Hospital Doctors Prepare For a Potential Surge in COVID-19 Patients

by B. Denise Hawkins | April 30, 2020 For infectious diseases doctor Siham Mahgoub, some diligent “detective work” and plenty of Read more

Howard Professor and Surgeon Promotes Minority Organ Donation

by Lois Elfman | August 9, 2019
Since the early 1980s, when transplant surgeon Dr. Clive Callender began addressing the issues [...] Read more

Howard University Hospital Labor Negotiations Delayed

by Catherine Morris | April 19, 2015
Although Howard University Hospital’s resident physicians and interns voted to unionize on Ja [...] Read more

E. Ethelbert Miller Among Those Let Go at Howard

by Diverse Staff | April 6, 2015
In an April 2 letter to the campus community, Howard University President Dr. Wayne A. I. Frede [...] Read more

Howard University Hospital Doctors Unionizing

by Catherine Morris | February 1, 2015
The debate about unionization in higher education is no longer limited to adjuncts. Now univers [...] Read more

Howard University Expands its Medical Reach in D.C.

by Catherine Morris | December 17, 2014
Howard University Hospital will team up with Paladin Healthcare to take over southeast D.C.’s [...] Read more