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CUNY Students Struggle as They Are Vacated From Dorms to Make Way For Emergency Medical Centers

by | April 1, 2020 As New York reaches more than 83,700 coronavirus cases, Gov. Andrew Cuomo is turning to college Read more

Genocide to Exodus: Why the Average Joe Should Care About Puerto Rico

by | July 6, 2018
Puerto Rico and the ongoing colonization of the island is nothing new. 1898 marks the official [...] Read more

NYC College Alumna Shows Up for Reunion at 103

by Associated Press | April 15, 2018
NEW YORK — Florence Zimmerman showed up for a reunion of hundreds of her fellow Hunter Colleg [...] Read more

The Journey of a Non-Traditional Student

by Kemuel Benyehudah | May 8, 2016
The journey of non-traditional students continues beyond the undergraduate context. [...] Read more