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Digitizing Indigenous Languages: Scholars Use Technology To Preserve Their Native Languages

by | November 12, 2020 About 300 distinct Indigenous languages flourished among Native American nations before Europea Read more

A Question of Identity: Examining Use of the Term ‘Latinx’

by | October 6, 2020
In academic and student activist circles, many have adopted the term “Latinx” as a gender-n [...] Read more

U of Oklahoma Responds After Second Professor Uses Racial Slur in Class

by | February 26, 2020
Less than two weeks after a University of Oklahoma journalism professor used the N-word in clas [...] Read more

English-Learning Program at UVA Helps International Students, Faculty Gain Confidence

by | September 24, 2019
The VISAS program is open to undergraduate students, graduate students, researchers, scholars, [...] Read more

Is the Language of Digital Technology Killing us and our Ability to Communicate?

by | November 14, 2018
My fascination with language, as a method of expression and communication, is precisely because [...] Read more

Chinese Gaining Momentum as Language Option Among HBCUs

by Catherine Morris | November 6, 2014
Though most HBCUs focus their language instruction on the traditional standbys, Spanish or Fren [...] Read more