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The PhD She Never Knew

by Nichole Margarita Garcia | February 11, 2018 My first memories revolved around looking at my grandmother’s hands. They were calloused, wri Read more

Mexican American or Mexican Mexicano?

by Roberto Rodriguez | July 17, 2017
I remember a student of mine at the University of Arizona once defined himself as a Mexican Mex [...] Read more

Rodriguez: Affirming a Macehual or Gente de Maiz Identity

by Roberto Rodriguez | June 5, 2017
A couple years ago, someone from California wrote me to tell me that: “Mexicans are taking ov [...] Read more

Aztecas del Norte: We Cannot be Illegal on Our Own Continent

by Roberto Rodriguez | February 19, 2017
Scholars in Chicano studies and related disciplines, since the 1960s, have long debated the ide [...] Read more

Historical Appreciation: Reflecting on the 2016 Presidential Election

by Roberto Rodriguez | November 11, 2016
On election night, I received hundreds of messages from friends and colleagues from throughout [...] Read more

Scholar: Texas Textbook an ‘Intentional Assault’ on Psyche of Mexican American Students

by Roberto Rodriguez | September 20, 2016
After reading the proposed Mexican American Heritage textbook for Texas students last week by J [...] Read more