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Rankins Is First Black Named To Top Mississippi Higher Ed Post

by Pearl Stewart | March 27, 2018 Among the numerous African-American “firsts” who symbolize racial progress in their fields, Read more

How Multiculturalism Can Make College Affordable Again

by O.J. Oleka | February 12, 2018
One of the many challenges facing policymakers and higher education leaders is how to ensure th [...] Read more

State Acts to Remove Gun Ban from Campus Public Spaces

by Associated Press | February 8, 2018
JACKSON, Ms.  — It’s guns versus college football in a dispute over where certain Miss [...] Read more

Mississippi State’s Bully Mascot Settles with ESPN

by Associated Press | July 15, 2016
ABERDEEN, Miss. ― A former Mississippi State University cheerleader has settled her wrongful [...] Read more

For New NAES Leader, Fighting Injustice Runs in Family

by Jamal Eric Watson | May 13, 2015
The recent election of Dr. Ravi Perry to lead the National Association for Ethnic Studies (NAES [...] Read more