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Teenager Who Recorded Video of George Floyd’s Murder Wins Pulitzer Prize Citation

by | June 11, 2021 Darnella Frazier, the Minnesota teenager who recorded the 10-minute video of George Floyd’s M Read more

Georgetown Football Player Wanted for Murder Arrested

by | September 29, 2020
U.S. Marshals arrested a Georgetown University football player in Georgia after authorities sai [...] Read more

A Battle for the Soul of Our Nation

by Thomas Parham | June 4, 2020
Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a long way from Brunswick, Georgia and Louisville, Kentucky. Yet the [...] Read more

The Weaponry of Whiteness, Entitlement, and Privilege

by Tammy E. Smithers and Doug Franklin | June 1, 2020
Today, in 2020, African-Americans are sick and tired of not being able to live. African America [...] Read more

Former Death Row Inmate Graduates College

by | December 16, 2019
After being exonerated of murder, Ryan Matthews worked to earn his college degree. In 1997, Mat [...] Read more

The Hate We Give: Voting Against Violence

by | October 29, 2018
Lifting your voice can be subversive. This is a lesson learned by Starr Carter, the main charac [...] Read more

Northwestern Ph.D. Student Killed By Stray Bullet in Chicago

by | September 6, 2018
Northwestern University doctoral student and recent cancer survivor, Shane Colombo, was one of [...] Read more

University Recovers Money It Paid To Doctor After His Death

by Associated Press | March 29, 2018
FARMINGTON, Conn. — The University of Connecticut says it has recovered more than $50,000 it [...] Read more

College Student Arraigned in Parents’ Deaths

by Associated Press | March 6, 2018
MOUNT PLEASANT, Mich. — A 19-year-old student accused of killing his parents inside a Central [...] Read more