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At Least 6,300 COVID-19 Cases Linked to 270 U.S. Colleges, Reveals a NYTimes Survey

by | July 29, 2020 Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, at least 6,300 cases have been linked to a group of r Read more

Racism in Higher Education: Why HBCUs Are a Safe Choice in 2020

by Zachary C. Brown and Brandy M. Jones | June 17, 2020
Colleges and universities across the nation are scrambling to address the Black Lives Matter pr [...] Read more

National Governors Association Makes Recommendations on Reopening Campuses

| May 28, 2020
The National Governors Association said various states’ governors should set out a clear publ [...] Read more

Some Colleges Are Already Planning for the Next Wave of COVID-19

by | May 21, 2020
Even as many colleges are still struggling to figure out what the beginning of the new academic [...] Read more

CDC Issues New Guidance for Colleges and Universities

| May 20, 2020
New Centers for Disease Control guidance for higher education institutions says campuses should [...] Read more

This HBCU President Is Strongly Against a Fall Reopening

| May 19, 2020
Colleges and universities are “deluding themselves” about getting students back to campuses [...] Read more

N.J. Colleges Launch Plan to Attract Residents Now Studying Out of State

| May 5, 2020
As the coronavirus looks set to batter higher education enrollments nationwide, the presidents [...] Read more

NCAA Allows Athletes to Earn Income From Third-Party Endorsements

| April 30, 2020
The National Collegiate Athletic Association, or NCAA, on Wednesday announced it will allow col [...] Read more

Report: A Majority of Students Say Companies Are Unresponsive to Job Applications

by | April 28, 2020
For 72% of college students, the stress and uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus pandemic ha [...] Read more

Report: 40% of Contingent and Adjunct Faculty Have Trouble Affording Basic Expenses

| April 20, 2020
As much as 40% of adjunct and contingent faculty at two- and four-year colleges and universitie [...] Read more

Fully Online in Fall 2020 Too? Many Colleges Are Leaning Toward it, Says Survey

by | April 12, 2020
More and more colleges and universities are leaning toward keeping instruction online even in t [...] Read more

‘Pressure is Turning Way up’: College Presidents Plan Layoffs, Budget Cuts Due to Coronavirus, Says Survey

by Katti Gray | April 9, 2020
In response to the upheaval caused by the coronavirus pandemic, more than 72% of college presid [...] Read more

Report Says Regulators Can Do More to Anticipate College Closures

by | March 31, 2020
In many cases, state regulators have either failed to recognize warning signs or taken early ac [...] Read more

Redefining Access in Higher Education

by | February 27, 2020
As colleges and universities become increasingly diverse in terms of their enrollment, they are [...] Read more

APLU and AAU Receive $191,000 National Science Foundation Grant

by | December 11, 2019
The Association of American Universities (AAU) and the Association of Public and Land-grant Uni [...] Read more
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