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Report: Teacher Salaries Increase While the Wage Gaps Dip

by Hayley Zhao | April 30, 2021 The national average salary for teachers has increased slightly over the past decade thanks to Read more

How Gender and Racial Discrimination Lead to a Double Wage Gap for African American Women

by Lois Elfman | May 26, 2020
A recent report details how gender and racial wage gaps fuel corporate profits and leave Africa [...] Read more

Report Highlights Why Minority Adults in California Leave College Before Earning Degree

by | October 11, 2018
Four million, or five percent of adults living in California aged 25-64 have left the state’s [...] Read more

UVa Administrator Files Gender Discrimination Lawsuit

by Associated Press | February 16, 2017
CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — An administrator at the University of Virginia is suing the school for [...] Read more

Report Finds Black-White Wage Gap Worst Since 1979

by Catherine Morris | September 27, 2016
The wage gap between Black and White workers is the worst it has been since 1979, according to [...] Read more